RILA Sections: COLA Advocates for Libraries and Provides Educational Workshops

Tuesday, January 01, 2019 11:53 AM | RILA Communications (Administrator)

Greetings from COLA’s new chair. I am excited to be coming on board at this ground-breaking moment in COLA’s history. COLA is one of two independent organizations that recently chose to join forces with RILA. In our case, the decision was made in order to amplify our advocacy efforts on behalf of all libraries in Rhode Island and to allow us to offer more educational workshops on how libraries transform lives. While RILA is comprised primarily of professional practitioners, COLA is a grassroots organization of community residents eager to preserve and expand library services in the state. Merging with RILA enables COLA to build its capacity to advocate and educate for all our libraries.

Please visit COLA’s website and Facebook page (or follow us on Twitter) for additional information on our Coalition. We are in the process of moving our web presence to the RILA umbrella, and we will let you know as soon as that transition is complete. If you are interested in adding your voice in support of Rhode Island’s libraries, please consider joining us. To join COLA (or renew your membership), please visit the membership page.

First you must join RILA at the membership level that best fits your employment status. If you are a practicing librarian, please select the salary level that best matches your income. Students, retirees, trustees and supporters can join at the $15 level. During the membership process, you will be able to join the COLA Section.

Thank you, 

Sharon A. Lux